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Driving with bald tires can be dangerous and lead to your car losing control at a bad time. Stop by E & E Tire Company Inc. and find the new or used tires your car needs.

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  • Used tires

  • Trailer tires

  • Lawn mower tires

  • ATV tires

  • Flat repairs (inside patch)

  • Tire tubes

  • Tractor tires

  • Lawn and garden tires

Get the best prices in town:

Don't go to various dealers to find all the different tires you need. Stop by and speak with one of our experts today about our available tires.


We have tires for your car, trailer, lawn mower, ATV and more! Get all the tires you need at an affordable and competitive price.

Your one-stop shop for tires

We carry all types of tires


"Honest place. Fantastic service. The first time I went there I asked for a new tire. Without my prompting, they looked at my flat tire, determined it could be repaired and did so, at a fraction of the cost of a new tire. I've been coming back

ever since."

- Anonymous

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Don't wait for a tire to go flat or lose all traction to replace it. Stop by E & E Tire Company today.